• Understand organization business strategy prior to doing an assessment of the strength and concern areas of the organization structure.
  • Build organization structure that is market aligned, future ready, agile, efficient and supports business needs.
  • Our work on design includes detailing of aspects such as Role definition, authority matrices, placement of jobs into appropriate levels, determining employee numbers and identifying redundancies and providing for career paths for different streams.


  • We work with clients to do job analysis and documentation of roles in job descriptions which accurately reflect a position's key job responsibilities, essential skills, experience and competencies required for the job.
  • The job descriptions also form inputs into Job Evaluation exercises and are reference documents for other HR processes viz. training, recruitment, performance management, competency and career paths.


  • We carry out Job Banding exercise to create Grade and Levels as inputs into Rewards Strategy.
  • We have proprietary point rating job evaluation scheme that have been used by several organizations.


  • We carry out multi dimensional assessment to understand roles and their level of occupancy, issues in processes or systems, the volume of work/transactions handled, spans of control, employee ratios etc. bearing in mind changes anticipated in the context of the business plans.
  • This helps to improve internal effectiveness (process and capabilities improvements).



  • We work with clients to design behavioural, technical and functional competency frameworks that are in line with the company’s values and culture.
  • Competency frameworks establish a common performance matrix and set of behavioural expectations that helps integrate selection systems, leadership development programs and performance management.

Career Progression

  • We design career progression frameworks especially covering individual contributor roles and provide norms that would allow for movement of jobs to the next level.
  • Our work in this area includes definition of career paths within the functions, guidelines and criteria for movement through the career path as well as a responsibility matrix for the client’s HR team to assess talent and manage careers in the organization.

Succession Planning

  • As organizations change and grow, it may be difficult to assess how many future leaders will be needed and what new skills will be required to effectively grow the business.
  • We assist and guide our clients in succession planning to ensure organization has quality people and key talent in the right roles in the current context, as well as a relevant and ready talent pipeline for the future.


  • We develop intensive capability building programs to create a long term impact in the behaviour and performance of people resulting in sustainable benefits for the organization. These interventions are aimed to convert the individuals knowledge, skills and competencies into actions to achieve business growth.
  • Learning & Development strategy including Leadership Development. Our strength lies in identifying the developmental focus areas and skills required by different employees in the organization and subsequently creating customized learning interventions.
  • We specialize in conducting customized competency based assessment and development centres to manage talent, develop competencies and identify high potential employees for our clients.
  • Our 360 degree feedback is also a versatile business tool which gathers behavioural insights on an individual in order to build a strong leadership pipeline for the organization. To strengthen the effectiveness of such initiatives, we also offer individual counselling services and work with employees and the organisation to prepare customised individual development plans.
  • We undertake full spectrum of training activities (Leadership & Middle Management level) including training needs analysis, actual delivery and post training evaluation. We approach our training, coaching and capability building interventions with the firm conviction that the programs needs to make business sense.
  • We undertake Coaching engagements typically for the leadership team where the individuals' needs are aligned with the strategy and business goals. The program is designed to suit both high potential talent who are being groomed into leadership roles as well as individuals who need to bridge performance gaps.


  • We help our client on the content, methodology and administration of the performance system to ensure it is perceived as fair and meaningful process to key stakeholders. We design a process that clearly establishes performance expectations for employees, linked to overall organizational objectives. This includes:-
    1. Creating the appraisal framework / forms
    2. Defining Goals / Targets
    3. Defining Competencies
    4. Choosing Rating schemes
    5. Describing performance levels
  • We link performance parameters to business imperatives so that the results are quantifiable and are aligned to achieve organizational growth and support the company’s values and purpose.  We facilitate the translation of the business plans to action steps via Goal setting workshops.
  • We help cascading the goals and metrics to the workforce to ensure that each employee understands their role in achieving the organizations goals.
  • To equip managers with the ability to provide quality feedback and ensure effective implementation of the performance management system, we have developed a customized feedback certification program ‘Performance Conversation’ aimed at building managerial & HR Team's capability.
  • We further extend support to our clients for linking performance to rewards, in the form of variable pay plans, incentive schemes, increment policy, promotion policy etc.


  • Our work in Rewards includes providing advice on "Total Rewards Strategies" that helps client in attraction and retention of resources and also create a performance driven culture. This includes:-
  • Grade and Salary Scale aligned to the market / competitors
  • Compensation benchmarking surveys - Customized and database based (we depend on external data)
  • Incentive plans (variable pay plans, sales incentives, STI, LTI, Employee stock options, etc)
  • Determine fixed to variable pay ratios to ensure that client meet target employee cost ratios


  • We provide one point support on all HR matters through M&A phase to ensure smooth integration process which involves organization design, harmonization of bands, compensation and benefits, set performance yardstick, HR policy alignment, assistance in employee communication.
  • Critical element is assessment of individuals for fit in new roles/retention strategies.
  • We also provide implementation support including transition and fitment of employees into the new organization structure, work levels and compensation structures.


  • For SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) that possess limited in-house expertise, we manage HR Department on outsourced or Advisory model.
  • We use HR Audit as a diagnostic tool to assess the quality, maturity and effectiveness of current HR practices against industry norms and its impact on the organization’s business goals.
  • Our reviews are focused on assessing policies in terms of the desired organization culture, business strategy, statutory requirements and market best practices.
  • Our services covers full spectrum of the Human Resources function across the employee life cycle. This includes the entire gamut of processes from hiring, defining policies, setting up HR systems and ensuring implementation
  • Our experienced consultants uses in-depth understanding of market practices and knowledge of statutory norms to serve as an extension of the client’s HR department, delivering a combination of expert advice and implementation support to serve ongoing needs.
  • Our consultants work on a time based agreement and are available on-site for day-to-day interaction with management and employees, functioning as true strategic partners, within the team.
  • For start-ups, we help to BUILD & OPERATE HR externally, while ensuring best in class HR services is available fully compliant with local regulations.


  • These are long duration engagements over a span of 6 – 18 months,
  • This incorporate a combination of our services across organization design, compensation & benefits, job evaluation, design of work levels & bands, performance management as well institutionalization of various HR policies & processes.
  • Transformation is beyond restructuring organizations. Hence our portfolio of services also includes Change Management initiatives like Visioning, Culture building, building Employer brand, driving performance culture, capability building etc.
  • We closely work with HR Team to develop programs and activities for ensuring relevant and regular employee communication.
  • We also support companies to strengthen their Employee connect and understand people related experiences that influence performance and productivity levels. We evaluate employee engagement levels across various parameters through a range of survey tools like Employee engagement surveys and Focus group discussions.