Frequently Asked Questions

  • We normally headhunt candidates or approach candidates from our internal curated database of more than 30,000 candidates.
  • We interview C-Level or Leadership candidates with Competency based evaluation to ensure right talents are referred to the client (within 2-3 candidates we are able to hire the candidate)
  • Other position are interviewed through a normal process either online or personal meeting by our team of professionals who ascertains candidates referred to client meet technical and behavioral competencies.
  • Where required, we apply psychometric assessment tools
  • Where required, we undertake reference checks
  • Our hiring success ratio is 80% plus

As part of our services, we offer end-2-end services to our client and hence all coordination with candidates is through AEMS Team. Employers should not contact the candidates themselves.

AEMS Team handles sending job offers and candidates acceptance. Employers should leave the sending of job offers to us.

The actual client fee depends on the nature of the assignment – C Level, Middle Management or other roles. There is a set of terms and conditions for each assignment. Please contact our consultant for further information.

We will provide you with another candidate free of charge if the person leaves the company within the first 3 months of probation period for a valid reason. Replacement of candidate is given free of costs, if payments have been received within the contractual terms.

We raise invoice within 2-3 days of candidate joining the organization and payments shall be done within 2 weeks maximum.

  • Client agrees to provide hiring request along with Job Description (JD) for each position to AEMS.
  • If JD is not available, Client shall fill the PIS (Position Information Sheet) and provide the information to AEMS for review and discussion with AEMS prior to AEMS Search efforts.
  • AEMS shall endeavor to provide qualified candidates matching the job roles given (2-3 CVs for each roles within 15 working days).