Predict Performance Before you make a Hiring/Development Decision

Hiring Solutions

  • Function Specific Tools
  • Customized for Role and Level
  • Day in Life Simulations
  • Domain Specific Assessments
  • Industry Relevant Assessments

L&OD Solutions (Development)

  • Training Needs Identification
  • HIPO Identification
  • Feedback 360
  • Virtual Assessment Centre
  • Automated IDP Journeys

Platform Solutions

  • Your content, Our Platform
  • Build Your Own Tests
  • Run Your Tests Campaigns
  • Choose from Existing Tests
  • Online Certification

Well Rounded Assessments (AI & MV Based)

Functional Skills | Cognitive Ability | Soft Skills | Technical Skills | Behavioural Competencies




Assessments Delivered


Countries Served


Roles Assessed


Prediction Accuracy

Assessment Delivery

Automated Video Evaluation

Automated Video Evaluation

Big 5 Personality Assessment
Generic Interview Questions
Context Specific Questions
Skill Oriented Questions

Automated Audio Simulator

Automated Audio Simulator

Soft Skills
Language Skills
Communication Skills

IVR / WhatsApp Chatbot Conversations

IVR / WhatsApp Chatbot Conversations

IVR Reachouts
Language Skills
Communication Skills

MCQ/Image Based Assessment

MCQ/Image Based Assessment

Image Based question
Multi MCQ Formats
Drag / Drop /Swipe

Conversational Ai based WhatsApp Bot


End to End sourcing process Automation Bot for:

  • Career Page Application
  • Employee Reference Process
  • Conducting online Assessment
  • Video Ai Interview


End to End onboarding process Automation Bot for:

  • Onboarding Communication Process
  • Document Collection And Scanning
  • Ongoing Engagement
  • Red Flags for non-engaged Candidates

HRMS Querying

  • FAQ bot for all HR queries
  • Transcribe Policy Document and structure Q&A
  • Handling Employee Queries

Sample Tool Matrix

Tools / Instruments
Competencies Personality SJT Soft Skills Cognitive Ability Functional Skills Case Study CBI
Customer Focus
Result Orientation
Planning and Organizing
Selling Skills
Analytical & Problem Solving
Interpersonal Skills
Team Leadership
Effective Communication